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The ballast is the heart of the indoor gardening lighting system.  It determines both  the quantity and quality of light being provided to the plants.  Ballast for indoor gardening are sold in three versions: Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Switchable.  MH ballast  are used in situations where strong vegitative growth is desired.  HPS is used when the grower wishes to  produce fruit or blooms from a plant.  Switchable ballast will  operate in both the MH and HPS mode  allowing the grower to move between the vegitative function and blooming function by simply changing to the appropriate lamp and flicking a switch on the ballast.  Indoor gardening has advanced with the introduction of electronic ballast which not only operate MH and HPS lamps, but are more efficient, quieter and run cooler.

The light output of the indoor gardening ballast is expressed in wattage.  The wattage of a ballast should be determined by the growing area (footprint) that the plants will occupy when mature.  Following is a chart that will allow you to match the correct size of ballast to the footprint of your indoor gardening installation.

1000w = 8' x 8'

600w = 5' x 5'

400w = 3 1/2' x 3 1/2'

250w = 2 1/2' x 2 1/2'

150w =1 1/2' x 1 1/2'



All Sunlight Supply reflectors work with any Sunlight Supply ballast so just pick the one that fits your indoor gardening situation the best.  Reflectors are of two types; those that fit the lamp vertically inside the reflector and those that fit the lamp horizontally inside the reflector.  Horizontal reflectors have become more popular with growers particularly those reflectors that incorporate built-in vents and tempered glass for cooling that will significanly increase yields as they allow the user to bring the lamp/reflector much closer to the plants without burning them. Horizontally mounted lamps have also been shown to release more available light due to their position.  



If you decide on a Metal Halide ballast then  be sure to order a Metal Halide lamp  If you choose a High Pressure Sodium ballast  then be sure to order a High Pressure Sodium lamp.  Standard MH and HPS lamps are perfectly adequate for indoor gardening.  If the value of the crop being grown is high then many growers choose to use lamps produced specifically for horticulture purposes.  Furthermore,  If the value of the crop being grown is high it is also advisable to re-lamp at the one year mark or earlier as lumen output does decline.


Lighting systems are shipped via UPS from a warehouse closest to the buyers address.  With four locations across the U.S. this significanly decreases the amount of handling each parcel receives.  Indoor gardening supplies are generally sent from our warehouse on the West coast unless they too can be drop shipped from a closer location.  Shipping is included in the sales price of each item sold for delivery within the continental USA.  Note that all grow lights and indoor gardening supplies should be inspected for apparent damage at the time of receipt.  In most cases a signature is required  by  the UPS  driver except for indoor gardening supplies of lesser monetary value.

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